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Dried Corn Husks

"I will not have corn husks available until about mid-September (depending on the weather.)"

Corn husks are the outer layers (leaves) of the corn ear. There are normally ten husks surrounding each ear of corn. Dried corn husks can be used to make corn husk dolls as pioneer and native American children did in colonial days or to make corn husk angels (in present day Mexico). You will find that it takes 2-300 husks to come up with a pound of them.

Both Native American and pioneer children had fun both making and playing with corn husk dolls.

Each doll requires 10 to 15 husks. You will find numerous instructions on-line for making corn husk dolls. Inexpensive scraps of material can easily be fashioned into hats, aprons or other clothing.

An acorn (from an oak tree) can readily be used as the head/face with features drawn or painted on later.

The materials needed for making corn husk dolls include: corn husks, cotton string, glue, corn silk (or yarn), a marking pen, crayons or paint, a pan of water (to soak the husks in), scraps of material.

Everyone can use their imagination when making corn husk dolls and names and personalities will frequently develop. This is a great activity for young or old, but seems most appropriate for kids in third through fifth grade.

Please note: Some husks may have a little mold and might require brief immersion in water/bleach. {1/2 cup/ gallon water} They will dry quickly. There are about 200 dried corn husks per pound.

One pound (approx. 200 husks) are $22.50. (Shipping and handling is included to Continental US.)

Two pounds are $32.50.(Shipping and handling is included to Continental US.)

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